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Speaker A or B or A+B Switch

  • Speaker switch A or B or A + B.

  • Speaker switch "push-button" operation.


High performance Accessories & Products.

Professionally designed and engineered.


18 gauge wire is the minimum recommended size. For runs in excess of 100 feet it is best to use 16 gauge or larger. 

Strip 1/4" off each wire. Ensure that all strands are twisted together and inserted into respective terminals. It is best to re-install the wire if stray strands are apparent, though trimming them may also work. (Stray strands can bridge circuits, which can damage the switch and the electronics that are connected to the switch.) 

Perform an initial functional test at low volume levels to prevent damage to the switch and other electronics. 

Always observe the correct polarity (+ to +) and (- to -) for all connections.


  • Speaker Switcher "Push-button" operation.

  • This plate will install in standard "J" box with included screws. Use CL wiring.

  • Refer to a technician if in doubt about specific wiring diagrams for various applications.

  • Plate & Buttons are 94V-0 Flame Retardant Plastic.

  • Fits standard decora openings.

  • Sold and Shipped Individually.


Model Number   

Power Handling            


100W RMS with 8 ohm speakers

50W RMS with 4 ohm speakers

Dimensions & Weights

Overall Dimensions 

Mounting Dimensions   

Shipping Weight  

Net Weight

1.4" (36mm) W x 4.1" (104mm) H x 3" (76mm) D

1" (25mm) W x 2.4" (61mm) H x 2.3" (59mm) D

0.2 lbs


0.15 lbs

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